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City Walls Medical Centre launched its innovative health hub called “Health Yourself” on 1st May 2015. It is located on the first floor of the medical centre.

​This innovative idea will allow patients to perform their own blood pressure, pulse and body mass index (BMI).

Patients will also be able to access self-care materials and health information to help them to manage their conditions more effectively and learn how to stay healthy.

NHS health checks and routine health checks will also be carried out on a “drop in“ basis which will allow patients flexibility around work and childcare.

Access To Modern Health Equipment​

​Health Yourself is intended to improve and modernise the patient’s experience at City Walls, by allowing patients to access common tests with greater ease and at their convenience, without the need for an appointment.

It will help patients with chronic diseases to take more personal responsibility for their health, allowing them to have access to equipment and advice at times to suit them.

It also gives patients the ability to simply drop in opportunistically and “Health Themselves”, checking their health and lifestyle and identifying potential problems at a much earlier stage.

​For information about other services available from the Centre, or in respect of specific requirements, please enquire at Reception.